Design Session with infoDiagram
Tuesday, August 29,2023

Make dense PPT presentations pop with icons

During this 30-minute free webinar
you will learn how to:

👉 Approach dense PPT slides creatively
👉 Convert information into visuals
👉 Use graphic symbols effectively
👉 Elevate tables and charts with icons

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This event comes with a BONUS:

Ask any question related to bar charts and get the answer instantly

Download the presentation file with graphics for your free use

Get a bundle of time-saving PowerPoint icons 60% off

Peter Zvirinsky

Co-founder, Visual Communication Expert. Spiritus movens of infoDiagram, presentation wizard, and a dedicated educator. Knows PowerPoint like his own pocket and has been translating the text into visuals since AI was still sci-fi.

Barbara Papiór

UX / Graphic Designer. Crafts juicy diagrams for infoDiagram Clients while listening to gardening podcasts or Hania Rani's musical landscapes. Thinks of visual design as a practical tool for solving communication problems.